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Originally posted by Crzyakta:
arkie, th liver produces like what, 2g of cholesterol a day, right? And I eat 8 raw (large organic) egg yolks a day, each having 215mg, thats 1720mg a day, almost as much as my liver produces, so shouldnt that have an impact?

Your liver only produces that much if your body needs it. If you are eating plenty of cholesterol, then your liver will back off on its production of cholesterol. Contrary to all of the anti-cholesterol hype, cholesterol is a vital substance in your body used by every cell. It is also the building block for all of the sex hormones as well as vitamin D (which is actually more like a hormone than a vitamin). Anyway, cholesterol serves a vital purpose and your liver regulates how much is circulating around. If you don't eat enough, then your liver makes more as needed. If you eat plenty, then your liver makes less unless it is getting signals that it needs to make more for arterial damage control. And that signal is a high serum insulin level.

Also, I read some of your older posts, what foods would you recommend to keep my cholesterol LDL's and VLDL`s low? I am vegetarian, should I avoid all carbs? That means no fruits etc? I eat organic banana's, oranges, dates, and red grapes everyday, in place of meals, and follow that up with clean fat from raw unroasted still-in-shell nuts, followed by egg yolks. But in an old post of yours, you said fruits were bad? Then what can I eat for energy?

I wouldn't worry that much about your total cholesterol or LDL or VLDL levels. These aren't very good at predicting heart disease anyway. What is important is to keep your HDL up and your triglyceride level down. A triglyceride/HDL ratio of 2.0 or less is optimum.

The sugar found in fruit is fructose which is known to elevate triglycerides.

There are different types of vegetarians. If you can eat eggs (which it looks like you can), and dairy, and fish, then these foods along with generous portions of non-starchy vegetables and lower sugar fruits and nuts should form the basis of your diet. Fish is an excellent source of protein and the essential fatty acid Omega 3. Try to limit your intake of sugars, grains (especially the highly processed varity), and other high starch foods like potatoes. Lower sugar fruits are most types of berries like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. Avacados are a low sugar fruit that are also high in monounsaturated fat.

Dietary fat is an excellent source of energy. If you eat dairy, things like cottage cheese and yogurt (the plain kind made from whole milk, not that zero fat stuff) provide ample amounts of protein and fat and little carbohydrate (primarily from milk sugar - lactose).

You really should limit or avoid highly processed seed oils (corn oil, soybean oil, etc.) and especially partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. The more that is learned about these, the stronger they become linked to heart disease.

Are you just eating the egg yolks? If so, why? Most of the protein is in the white, about 3.5 grams vs. 2.5 in the yolk. Don't get me wrong, egg yolks are good, but so is the white.

Just curious, but what is your cholesterol and triglyceride levels? Age? How long have you been a vegetarian?


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