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Hello all...

I posted on 3/2/02 regarding my desire to get off of Zocor because I have so many aches and pains. It was a rather lengthy post, so I won't duplicate it here. JJ and some others gave me some valuable feedback which I appreciated.

Well, I had my annual doctor appointment last week, and had a good talk with my doctor regarding my desire to go off of statins. My main complaint is my aches and pains and the fact that I'm only 38 - I feel a bit young to have to take these meds for the rest of my life. Well, my doctor told me to go ahead and go off of the statins for a few months. She told me to make an appointment for all my blood tests again for about four months from now. She said that IF the statins are indeed causing my aches (which she doubted) that I would begin feeling better in about one month.

Anyway, I just got my blood test results from last week and thought I'd share them. Keep in mind that these are WITH Zocor. (20 mg per day).

Total Cholesterol = 186
Triglycerides = 306
HDL = 44
LDL = 81
Blood sugar = 85
Liver tests, etc all normal.

I know that my triglycerides are still pretty high. I am looking into ways to lower them. Maybe fish oil? Any comments would be appreciated.

The weird thing is, these numbers aren't that very far off of what I was when I WASN'T taking statins. And, my husbands numbers are quite a bit worse, yet his doctor (2 different docs - we just moved to a different state) NEVER say a word about his cholestoral. Weird.

Well, I will let you all know how my tests are in 4 months.

And everyone, keep posting...I (and probably many others) come here to read your words of wisdom almost every day!

Well I hope after being off the statins your numbers still are ok. Your trigs are still pretty high, but that is my hubby's problem also, and statins do nothing, according to his cardilogist for trigs. So far he has tried him on fish oil, 2,000 mgs. a day and it took them down 100 pts. Now he also wants him to take extra Folic acid, 1,200 MCGs. a day, NOT mgs. He was taking them for about a month then developed a rash so he can't take them.

Will have to see in May how his numbers look,as his dr. didn't do bloodwork this month like we thought she would. I have heard that flaxseed is suppose to be good, especially for women, but if you try it ask about the dose, as you can visit the little girls room alot I have heard if you take too much. Keep us posted how it is going, and I sure hope your able to keep the numbers down and also find something for the trigs. Glad your dr. was willing to at least give no statins a try to see if the aches and pains go away. Remember, it takes about 2 months to get out of your system, so be patient. Good luck and if I hear of anything for the trigs. will post for you. JJ
I recently went off Lipitor and to Niaspan (Niacin). Niacin is supposed to do a better job at increasing HDL and lowering Triglycerides. It's not as good as lowering LDL as the statins.

I switched due to pains, sleeplessness and agression on the Lipitor.

To answer your question - fish oil can help. My trigs went from 573 to 108 without meds. I switched more to fruit/veg diet and excercise like a maniac daily! It was the blockage that convinced me to do this ;-)

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