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Hello all...

I posted on 3/2/02 regarding my desire to get off of Zocor because I have so many aches and pains. It was a rather lengthy post, so I won't duplicate it here. JJ and some others gave me some valuable feedback which I appreciated.

Well, I had my annual doctor appointment last week, and had a good talk with my doctor regarding my desire to go off of statins. My main complaint is my aches and pains and the fact that I'm only 38 - I feel a bit young to have to take these meds for the rest of my life. Well, my doctor told me to go ahead and go off of the statins for a few months. She told me to make an appointment for all my blood tests again for about four months from now. She said that IF the statins are indeed causing my aches (which she doubted) that I would begin feeling better in about one month.

Anyway, I just got my blood test results from last week and thought I'd share them. Keep in mind that these are WITH Zocor. (20 mg per day).

Total Cholesterol = 186
Triglycerides = 306
HDL = 44
LDL = 81
Blood sugar = 85
Liver tests, etc all normal.

I know that my triglycerides are still pretty high. I am looking into ways to lower them. Maybe fish oil? Any comments would be appreciated.

The weird thing is, these numbers aren't that very far off of what I was when I WASN'T taking statins. And, my husbands numbers are quite a bit worse, yet his doctor (2 different docs - we just moved to a different state) NEVER say a word about his cholestoral. Weird.

Well, I will let you all know how my tests are in 4 months.

And everyone, keep posting...I (and probably many others) come here to read your words of wisdom almost every day!


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