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Chris... Sounds to me like his dr. might want to treat his sugar to see if his other numbers will come down before jumping to the cholesterol stuff. Maybe he will get lucky and by treating the sugar will not have to go on any cholesterol meds. His numbers are very high, as I know when hubby's trigs. went to 400 the dr. had a fit and threw him on 40 mgs. of Lipitor which made him very sick. That is when the cardiologist steped in and said the doubleing of the Lipitor was wrong, as it doesn't really do all that for trigs. anyway. That is when the whole thing about getting off the statins etc. started with hubby, and of course now we are waiting till next week when he has his appt. with the cardiologist to see where it will take him. Take care. JJ
Hi Smits... No hubby has had no problems with his meds that we know of anyway. Like I said, nothing seemed to annoy him at all till he started the statins, then the fun began. With us being pretty ignorant of statins, he blamed all his aches and pains etc. on old age, or possible combination of his diabetes and BP meds. After learning of all the side effects of statins is when he decided to go off and see if he felt better. Well, he isn't a 100% better, but he is certainly feeling a great deal better. Naturally he has some lingering pains and aches, but nothing like before. Poor guy had shoes and boots he didn't wear for years his feet hurt so bad, now he wears them all the time. He goes to the gym at least 3 times a week, is on the move from 7 a.m. till midnight doing odds and ends. He was so tired and achey with such bad foot and leg pain he had to take early retirement, as he drove a tantum truck for UPS for over 28 years. He wanted to go at least another 3 years but couldn't, and he is no complainer, so U know he was hurting. No I don't check my blood after eating. At this stage of the game, keeping track of the BP has been my main concern. At present I would just like to focus on getting a darn good physical and blood work done. Guess U could say I am almost sick of checking anything, as my nerves have had it for the last year and a half. Think I need a darn good vacation or something. Geez, I just gave ya a new nickname, hope ya don't mind!! :0)

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