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To quit worrying about my cholesterol and live my life the way I want to live without diets and pills. Diets that I have no hope of adhering to, dieticians and nutritional counselors that use scare tactics to motivate patients, and meals that are not enjoyable in the least bit. Pills that cause muscle pain, joint inflammation, headaches, and a host of other side effects that make sure that we have no quality in our lives whatsoever. I will go to a doctor when I am sick, or in pain, but at no other time from this moment on. Modern health care may be able to work technological miracles, but I will take nothing less than quality and enjoyment over a longer life span, and will forgo any further preventive care or regular checkups. By the way, I am male, 42, smoke, eat what I like, have high cholesterol and am sick and tired of the health police trying to save my life. Thank you for the rant time. I will take my one good kidney that lipitor didn't destroy, and have a nice time living the remainder of life that God will grant me.

Thanks for the nice words and encouragement over the last couple of years, but I am leaving and going to live my life the way I always have and if I die of a heart attack, so be it.

I have learned in the last two years that statin drugs are nothing but poison that will eventually be pulled from the market, the sooner the better. Cholesterol is way overrated as a health concern, since it has been proven that half of all MI's are suffered by people with normal lipid values.

See all of you around, take care and be happy.


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