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Originally posted by bounder:
To Dave345,
I stopped taking the statins because of muscle pain which was confused with soreness from running. The CPK test confirmed elevated levels over 205. I had memory loss, short term, I had attitude changes which caused sexual side effects, including inability to get an erection. I also felt tired all day. These conditions existed while on 40 mg of lipitor and Baycol later 3mg. After I went off the symptoms went away. I am now starting a study with a low doose of Lipitor, 10mg to 20mg with another test drug. It is supposed to reduce overall cholorestrol by 60%. If this works without the side effects I will be happy as well as my wife.

It is possible that lower doses of statins will result in less effects, but I had a really bad time with only 10mg. of lipitor. This is an incredibly powerful drug. My suggestion is to go on low dose of a weaker statin and take several years to work up. I just read an article yesterday warning against "mixing" cholesterol lowering drugs with statins. Some of information I have read is to supplement CoQ10 to help ward off muscle type side effects.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.


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