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Gabriel, I was diagnosed 4 years ago with hyperlipidemia, an inherited disorder that leads to high cholesterol and high triglycerides. My Doctor called me and said " I've practiced medicine for 19 years and this is the highest lipid profile I've ever seen.
Total C= 486 , triglycerides = 2006
I think one or both or the other 'dls was not measureable.
Since then I have lowered my triglycerides with tricor to < 1000, but had to stop the medicine due to disturbing side affects that caused temporary p. neuropathy in my legs and feet. It stopped after I stopped the medicine.
Within 6 or 7 months a recheck showed tri = 1980. I have been taking lopid for about 2.5 months and the pain has returned. I'm not surprised both tricor and lopid are fenofybrates.
So don't panic, I'm going on 50 and don't ever feel real good but, hopefully you will do well on the medicine.
Zocor is mainly prescribed to lower cholesterol and not tri. Tri.'s are lowered with the fenofibrates, tricor and lopid (most agressive medical treatment).
This is my first post and am so glad to find this site! My sincere thanks to all those that responded to your post for all the new info I have learned tonight.
Good luck

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