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Hi, I'm new
Jun 5, 2001
Hello everyone,

I am new to the board. Had my cholesterol tested for the first time 9 years ago and TC was around 249. Went on a non-fat diet and brought it down to 208 in six months...and was chewed out by the doc for not getting it lower. At that point I gave up the strict diet and went my merry way eating low-fat for years.
Last time I had a lipid panel was about two years ago and TC was again 248. I don't have the rest of the numbers at hand, sorry.
For the last two months my husband and I have been caffeine free, sugar free, basically alcohol free, back to whole the way we ate when I was a kid. Eggs for breakfast, lunch and supper are usually broiled meat, veggies and a salad. No bread, pasta or potatoes. (The occassional couple of slices of Ezekiel toast for breakfast instead of eggs. But I've been getting a histamine reaction, so I think I might be allergic to wheat.)
If I have a hankering for pasta, I take a potato peeler and make "noodles" from zucchini or summer squash, then put the homemade, sugar free marinara on that and some nice reggianno parm.
My husband has lowered his cholesterol below 150 TC on this diet. Mine is unreadable on the machine we got yesterday. It just says "hi" meaning it is over 300, according to the literature. Glucose is good at 88.
The cholesterol reading really bummed me out last night and through it, I found this board.
I'm waiting now for my doctor's office to open so I can schedule a "real" lipid panel. I've hesitated to do this since I have HMO and think this doc is relatively clueless. I don't savor having the fight about not taking statins.
Anyway, I'm interested in learning all I can about this problem and doing what I can to fix it naturally, if possible.
I had gained about 10 pounds over the last two years since quitting smoking and being perimenopausal. My middle had started to fill out, insulin resistance?
I started this way of eating with the hope to lose weight but also with the promise that it would lower my cholesterol. Then I find that I am not losing at all, possibly since my hormones are screwed up. My husband has been researching hormone tests for a while and is ready to order a very comprehensive one that tests ten hormones. (We are doing this independently of the doc since they just wanted me to go on synthetic horse hormones when there is natural HRT out there. And the wait to get in to see the new doctor is 2 months.)
So there are several issue happening at once, which I suspect are excacerbated by the hormones being out of whack.
Sorry to be all over the map, thinking very spatially this morning. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.


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