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Re: Hi, I'm new
Jun 5, 2001
Thanks Chris and JJ for the welcome!
Wow! I feel like I am constantly doing research on something to do with my health, sort of like going into battle everyday. It wears me down! It is nice to come here and get some support.
We just received the testing machine yesterday. It is the AccuChek Instant Plus. It measures total cholesterol and glucose. My husband had had his TC checked last November, during his annual physical, and it was 150. Last night he used the machine and it was 155. Of course, we had eaten meals during the day, so it was not a fasting test. This morning he did the test before eating or drinking anything and it was less that 150, but we do not know the actual number. If the value is less than 150 or higher than 300, it gives a default lo or hi. He got the "lo" message. My reading last night, as well as first thing this morning was "hi". So, I just need to run over to the dr's office and pick up the lab referral for the lipid panel.
JJ, Premarin IS made from pregnant mare urine. Currently, I take a plant derived estradiol/prostestin pill called Activella and I had to insist on THAT. It has not alleviated all my hot flashes and I believe it to be still too synthetic for my mental comfort level. I recently started using a progesterone cream (ProGest) twice a day with the idea of weaning myself off of the Activella presciption.
I found a compounding pharmacy in my area and called them for names of doctors that prescribe natural hormone replacement, like Tri-Est, which must be made at a compounding Rx. They gave me one name and I have an appointment with her July 2nd.
I got the diet information from "The Schwarzbein Principle" by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, also in conjuction with the Suzanne Somers diet which is just a wee bit stricter but the same deal.
The hormone information comes in part from "Natural Hormone Replacement" by Dr. Jonathan Wright and "What Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About Menopause" by Dr. John Lee.
I believe in natural treatment when applicable and effective. Not to say conventional medicine is not valid. Sometimes it is, but I also understand big business and feel money/greed sometimes can interfere with real health. (OK enough soapbox time)
I shall post the numbers when I get scares the daylights out of me.
I feel terrific on this diet but no weight loss which hurts my ego, and now the high cholesterol! It takes some of the wind out of my sails.

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