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Re: Hi, I'm new
Jun 5, 2001
Hi Nel:

Since you have this machine that checks cholesterol and glucose, it would be interesting to test yourself several times a day to keep an eye on your glucose. The experts are getting very interested in elevated post prandial (after meals) readings.There is evidence that people with post prandial levels out of the normal range (ideally not over 120 at 2 hours) have increased risk of cardiovascular disease, even with normal fasting glucoses. This is what I have- a normal fasting level of about 85 and 2 hour post prandial readings anywhere from about 120 to 200. (A truly nondiabetic person will be back down at fasting levels 2 hours after eating, in fact his/her blood sugar will hardly go out of the fasting range if insulin production and function is where it should be) Since I have lost about 10 pounds it doesn't usually get as close to 200 as it did when I first started testing. You can control these levels by how much/what kind carbohydrates you eat at a meal.

A total cholesterol test does not have to be fasting. When you got "lo" for a reading it might have been just under 150. A difference in a few points from reading to reading (not sure how many) is not significant. A triglyceride level does have to be done after a 12 hour fast to be accurate.

Welcome to the fun and games :<(


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