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Had two full (with fasting) tests done, 1st Aug 2001, 2nd March 2002. 1st Dr.(older) suggested my situation was poor to bad and put the fear of "fix it or we medicate" into me. 2nd Dr. (younger) reviewed the 2002 test results and although said particular areas were not perfect, was pleased with the overall including ratio and recommended I change nothing. Strange?, only when you consider (and I noticed this later), the results were similar in numbers, in fact the 2nd test (2002) was higher on the overall cholesterol.
Bio - 34Male, was 245 inactive 1 yr ago, now 200lbs (large frame, 6'1"), extremely active (train for triathalon and 1/2 marathon - tons o' bike, run & swim). Suzanne Sommer's diet since July '01, protein/fat with carbs (whole wheat), never together (food combining). Low drinking, no smoking, from test 1 to test 2, reduced red meat and increased fibre and whole wheat carbs.
Results on Test 1 (Aug 2001)
Cholesterol - 5.27
Triglyceride - .6
HDL Cholesterol - 1.83
LDL Cholesterol - 3.17
Chol/HDL ratio - 2.9
Chol/trigly ratio - 8.78
Test 2 (Mar 2002)
Cholesterol - 6.09 (higher)
Triglyceride - .64 (higher)
HDL Cholesterol - 1.92 (higher)
LDL Cholesterol - 3.88 (higher)
Chol/HDL ratio - 3.2 (higher)
Chol/trigly ratio - 9.5 (higher)
I am confused. I want to believe the positive news from the 2nd doctor, but I really want to make sure I am informed properly. An aside, most comments I see use numbers in the hundreds, mine are in mmol/L. Is that why they are lower numbers? How do I convert so I can understand levels indicated by others? Is this a Canadian thing ;(
long message, I know

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