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Well Mark...join the crowd!! My numbers are up also since I stopped with the statins a few months ago, but the dr. said for now to let it be, as they are not too bad. If I were you, I would try a little more exerciseing and DEFINITELY get away from those french fries. Try like crazy to really watch that diet and exercise and see how it goes. I need to get back in the exercise stuff, as being so sick the last year I have gone to almost no exercise. Hubby was on Tricor, as his trigs, are over 400 but it gave him the walking on golf ball effect. Tricor wasn't as bad as the Lipitor he said, but after 7 years of feeling like junk, he has had it. His cholesterol is only 205 and his HDL was good, but his trigs. are bad. Right now we are at a standstill with the dr. as to what to try next? I was on Lipitor for 2 months and thought I was dying. My problem was mostly stomach problems and wanting to sleep all the time, plus rapid weight loss. After being off a month or 2 I started to feel pretty good, then they stuck me on Baycol. That wasn't too bad till the third month, then I felt like I had arthritis all over, especially in the legs, hands and elbows. Now I have a new dr. and we are taking it one day at a time. Read alot of these posts to get some ideas what U might beable to do to get those numbers down without the drugs. We have all been there, so feel free to ask questions, as the group here has done their homework and will try their best to help. Good luck!! JJ

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