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Hi Alan:

Thank you for your interesting response. There is a little difference though. I think if I had gi difficulties, either IBS or a definite allergy, that would motivate me to eliminate whatever I had to eliminate from my diet. I know someone with a gluten allergy and it is very difficult to follow the diet, but the alternative is a zillion trips to the bathroom everyday. That would motivate me. Pain would motivate me. But the threat of gunked up arteries? Especially since I'm not convinced they know what gunks up arteries. As I've said numerous times, and no one has offered me any explanation for it, I've had elevated cholesterol as long as they've been testing for it and my arteries "thrilled" my cardiologist. If I had the side effects from statins that people describe on forums I wouldn't take them either, but who knows. I guess it would depend on how bad they were. You are probably wondering if I am not convinced of what gunks up arteries then why am I taking statins? Right? The answer is I don't know. I guess those dead ancestors are enough to motivate me.

Yes, it would be torture for me to eat only 25 grams of carbs a day. The influences of other people and activities in my life would be too great. It is easier to take a pill and modify my diet to a degree. (I don't think its smart to eat several hundred grams of carbs a day or frequently eat a Big Mac and fries) This could be the reason why doctors push statins. They are convinced about what gunks up arteries and they know (from dealing with large numbers of people)that most are not going to be able to do what needs to be done with diet. This doesn't mean I think they should disregard the side effects though. I'm not defending that.

I would still like to see some numbers where modifiying diet severely (either carbs or saturated fat) improved them significantly. The only thing I was able to improve was my HDL-it went from 26 to 48, first on a low fat diet, then modified carbs. I'm not convinced that did it. There were too many other factors. Activity level, estrogen, vitamin E,lipitor etc etc.


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