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Hi TK,
___I guess you know now that you pressed a hot button. On one hand, I feel that these drugs are for some, but not for all of the people that use them. Lipitor is the strongest and is being pushed in order to make the most money before the patent is out and generics come available. Do you believe in the TV ads? Do you think it's ethical for drug pushers to urge you to ask the doc for scripts for their products? I have a small part time job with an electrical utility company that is following a "Wellness" program where people with high lipids have to enroll in an exercise program, and are required to be screened for these lipids bi-anually. When the doc says "you take it", they take it. Four of these young people take the stuff; two can no longer climb the poles because of painful legs. Hmm, two out of four,,,yep, that's one out of a hundred. right??? The truth of the matter is that many people are needlessly taking these, are not advised of, and often discouraged to report their, pains and fatigue. I have a brother-in-law that takes 20mg/day of Lipitor with no problem. Great for him. But had my wife followed the doctor's regimen, she would have died a year ago. Yes, I am experimenting with my wife by giving her a drug that the World Health Organization is trying to get banned, EVEN THO NO ONE HAS DIED OF, OR BEEN DISABLED BY, IT. It has astounded the doctors, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons. Yesterday I took my wife to the Ob/Gyn that removed her ovaries two weeks ago for PCOD. He said he never saw a diabetic heal so well, and the anesthesiologist, who was worried that she had bypasses, also said there had been no sign of fibrillation. Both of these specialist doctors have told me to forward copies of my research. TK, I've got more doctors looking at what my wife and I have done that saved her life. She had been given three months to live because nothing they gave her worked. To make matters worse, the properties of this stuff are not unknown. I have accumulated about 100 clinical and lab papers that support its use...yet the doc's never heard of it. One even told me, "It's because it has no sales reps". I'd say you're pretty naieve to be so trusting in the drug companies, and the report of its safety and that only a few people have the side affects. When the side affects are maiming and dieing, you bet I'll stand on a soapbox and holler "Be careful and be informed!!!" I'll just say, let's wait until the fat lady sings. God bless, Oldguy

Oh, by the way, my wife's highest lipid panel was Total Cholesterol=795 and Triglycerides=6625. Try to treat that with statins and fibrates. I'll say this in addition, I have been researching this problem for over a year even to the studies of cellular biology. I am very adamant because I do know more about this bodily function than most doctors. Doctors are not Gods, they're people that are driven to exhaustion with little time to do the research that I've done. My biggest problem is to bring my findings to laymans terms. It's kind of like programming a function in Basic that's easily laid out in pascal.
___Here's another funny one, My wife had a triple bypass in Nov.'99. She went on statins...She had another event in early March 2000. One of the byasses was already occluded. So much for the miracle drugs. I put her on my side affects, just getting healthy. I'd suggest, don't ever call me a monger, nor tell me to be ashamed of myself because it is prejudgement using the cover of the book. I noticed your profile said that drug sales??
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[This message has been edited by Oldguy (edited 06-02-2001).]

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