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Re: Need Help
May 9, 2001
My husband was just put on Tricor about a week ago, as his cholesterol is pretty good, at 205, but his trigs. are over 300. He was on Lipitor for years, and after feeling like junk decided he wasn't taking it anymore. His cardiologist is the one who is trying the Tricor, but it is a mild dose of 67 mgs. As of now, we have no idea if it is working, as it has been too soon. Hubby said he is starting to feel some aches and pains, and if it keeps up he isn't taking that either. Seems both of us are very drug sensitive, so the drs. have their work cut out for them with us. I was on Lipitor a year ago for almost 2 months, and I thought I was going to croak. Never was so sick, especially with the stomah in all my life. They tried me on Baycol, 4 mg. and it brought my numbers down very well, but after 3 months I started with the pains and aches like I had arthritis all through my body, especially the legs, feet and hands. I have been on nothing for almost 4 months, and got blood work tuesday, so will see what the results are probably tomorrow. Good luck, God Bless, and hope U find something that helps. JJ

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