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Hi JJ, Yes, BHT can be taken with statins. My wife was on 10mg of Lipitor after we found she had such high numbers. I put her on bht at 250mg/day to prevent flu, and also on Niacin at 500mg time release daily for lipids. When her lipids took a drastic drop, the doc and I thought it was the lipitor and niacin that worked. I ran out of BHT so I didn't buy any more. Three months later she had a heart attack, one bypass was blocked, and her lipids were C=517/tg's=2760. She was put on 80mg/day of lipitor. It made her an invalid. I found some more BHT and put her on 1gm/day. In ten days, her lipids were 283 and 1324. My biggest problem has been getting a steady supply. When I ran out again, I found BHT+ at life services and didn't know it doesn't work... Now I source straight BHT from the link in my post, and it's back to success again. My wife has had only one side effect....getting well. I take it and notice no problems. There are some side effects, but they occur with high dosage, or in very rare cases, allergy. It only took 3 monthsfor one bypass to plug, and the second to stenose (partially block). Evidently, even though her lipids were out of this world while she was on BHT+, The cardiologist, after cat scans, EKG, and stress tests, said her heart looks great and that she must be building collateral arteries that are taking over. She no longer had angina, but did tire easy and felt weak. After two weeks on straight BHT, her condition is unrecognizeable. I do keep her on 10mg of Lipitor for two reasons. It keeps her doctor happy without having side effects for my wife, andit's the only med that has clinical trials showing it reduces atherosclerotic plaque after prolonged use. Clinical reports have only shown that BHT stops plaque formation, but none have stated that it reverses it. It just may do that, but how can I take the chance? God bless, OLDGUY

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