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Policosanol Report
Mar 29, 2002
Two years ago, I had a total cholesteral of 280. My HDL was high so my ratios were not as scary as the total reading. Triglicerides were also very high.

I started on red yeast rice (600 mg, twice daily) with good results. Total cholesteral came down to 215, HDL stayed high, Tri's dropped way down, and ratios were in safe territory.

But I developed muscle pains, and after some research, concluded that the red yeast rice was probably causing the same side effects as the statins.

About two months ago, I stopped using red yeast rice, and started with policosanol (5 mg, twice daily.) I haven't had a full lipid profile, but a total cholesterol reading today was 218.

It will take more time, and a complete profile, but so far, the results are very promising.

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