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Hi JJ, I thank you for your concern, and yes, she is doing OK. I brought her home on 12/30 night. She is very weak. Heart, pancreas, gall bladder,and liver functions are great. Upper GI checked OK with no ulcers. She was vomiting so hard, she may have ruptured a blood vessel, and this may be why ther was blood in her vomitus. The doc suspects a virus. This may have been complicated by her sore throat and inner ear infection, since this can lead to vertigo. Her left ear drum perforated the second day at the hospital. Her throat was still sore today, and lo and behold....tonsilitis. I'm taking her back to the doc tomorrow. Her lipids couldn't be checked because they wouldn't have been accurate. At first they thought it was pancreatitis because of the extreme amount of bile. I explained to the doc that her lipids are falling so fast that the excess in bile may be the result of lipid to bile salt conversion by the one really knows. In any event, the muscle spasms in her back have gone, which indicates to me that her triglycerides have fallen below 1000. Every time they have climbed over 1000, muscle spasms have started in her back. I've been extremely busy cooking, cleaning, and caring for her. I'll know a lot more on the 18th of this month.. I'll be off line for a couple of days...My cdrom blew and I have to take the box in for service under warranty. I'll write more later, Until then, God bless you and thank you again. Oldgut BT

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