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Originally posted by beastkeeper61:
Need Help
Cholesteral in the 300's
Triglycerides in the 500's
Dr. prescribed Tricor and low fat,low carb.and low cholesteral diet its driving me crazy,and getting severe headaches.Anyone have any suggestions?

"Protein Power" by Drs. Eades, a low carbohydrate, moderate protein and fat (not low fat) diet that works. And it is not only useful for loseing excess fat, but also improving your blood lipids (usually results in increased HDL and lowering of triglycerides) and overall health. It does all this by lowering your insulin levels, which is the key to improving the symptoms associated with Syndrome X. The diet stresses great tasting and filling whole natural foods (meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc.) instead of those highly processed foods that are typically high in carbohydrates and hydrogenated vegetable oils which are very detrimental to your health.


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