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Don't let the doctor tell you it could not be the statins, I was on lipitor for 2 years and i kept feeling worse and worse with some of the same symptoms as you , I would wake up in the morning killing me for no reason at all and of course all the so called blood tests came back normal , I finally started corelating it to the medicine and when I stopped it a lot of problems went away , though it gave a me a permanent case of peripheral neuropathy (extreme numbness in both feet) . It did get considerably better once I stopped , they then tried me on Zocor also and all the symptoms started coming back , stopped that also , went to TRicor (non-statin) did not seem to get the muscle problems but this also aggravated the PN so I stopped that . This did a real good job at bringing the levels down all the way around so you may want to try that next .
I am not currently on anything while I try to heal these feet , can't take this numbness the rest of my life I'm only 44 . About the only thing I will consider at this point will be Welchol if I need it , but that's down the road from now .May just let life take it's course . good luck ..

Originally posted by Rich Ladisky:
I have been using 10mg of Zocor/day for about 5 years. Recently, I have developed muscle pain in my toes, fingers, hip, arms, and neck. I've been to many specialists who are all baffled. This has been accompanied by a modestly high muscle enzyme number. All other blood tests come back normal. We tried going off Zocor for a month with no change in body or blood. Has anyone experienced this and found you must stay off for a long period in order to get relief? Everything else is ruled out including fibromyalgia, arthritis, all the autoimmunes, lyme, etc. Don't know where to go from here.

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