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Re: Policosinal
May 13, 2002
I have been taking it for abut 5 months. It has helped me. After 3 months, I went from 228 to 203. I have now doubled the dose to 20 mg from 10 and hoping for better results. I started out at 265 and with diet got it down to 245. Then I added high fiber 30 g aday and lowered it to 225. I took red yeast rice for 9 months and that dropped me to 180, but I was having problems with hives so I stopped and with in two was back to 225. I am 42, maybe a few pounds over weight. I play a lot of raq-ball, and I don't smoke or drink (my girl friend putan end to the drinking years ago - thank god). The funny things with all of this is it took me over two years to get to these levels, but my doctor still wants me to be on stains. she says I had high cholesterol for too many years at a too young of age and I need stains to reverse the damage. Having my numbers lower mean nothing now. so much bs and so little time.

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