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Originally posted by foggy:
Arki-- thanks for that formula. My report also includes something called "RATIO". What are they talking about? For example, my numbers were:

cholesterol 231
HDL 38
triglycerides 137
ratio 6

Using your formula LDL= 231 - 38 - 137/5

LDL= 231 - 38 - 27 = 166

Just cannot see how to use the ratio number



The "RATIO" they are referring to is Total Choleserol/HDL. In your case it is 231/38 = 6. The lower this ratio is, the better. I think 5 is kinda the break point. Low TC/HDL ratio indicates relatively low TC and relatively high HDL. Even if your TC is moderately high, this can be offset with a high HDL and still have a good ratio (<5). As an example, if your TC is 240 which is considered borderline high, and your HDL is 60 which is very good, then your ratio is 4 which is good and indicates overall risk of heart disease is relatively low.


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