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Hi Bobbilee,
___One of the most baffling things is that 50% of the people that have cardiovascular disease have great numbers. 50% of those that die of a heart attack have no history of high cholesterol. And about the statins, (this may be confusing) the mortality rate of those that take statins is no better than those that don't. Kind of makes you want to give up.
___Now here's the great kicker. My wife's lipid numbers scare every doctor that's seen them; cholesterol in the 500 range, triglycerides in the thousands. Within three months of her triple bypass operation, she had a heart attack. At that time, her cholesterol was 575, and TG's were 4750. She was catheterized and it was found that one bypass was occluded, and one partially so. She was on 40mg/day of Lipitor. She was given three months, and the docs said there was nothing they could do. This is where my father in heaven stepped in. I prayed and begged my Lord in heaven for help. And he gave me guidance.
___Being that my wife is a brittle diabetic and uses about 90 units of insulin a day, she is under a tremendous amount of free radical and oxidative stress. The foods that Alan mentioned, and high levels of insulin, (endogenous and exogenous), increase this stress. High levels of blood glucose create Amadori products that metabolize to advanced glycation end products, which are free radicals in themselves. They damage genes, cell membranes, and cell function. Despite all this, my wife continues to improve daily, and is about 85% normal. Her left subclavian artery that feeds her left arm, was 95% blocked, and required stenting.
___I'm sure your doc has you on Lippy to prevent restenosis of the stented area, and also has you on aspirin therapy, plavix, blood thinners, etc. This is because stents close up by about 30% within three months after insertion. My wife's is wide open. A vascular ultrasound, and echocardiogram have revealed my wifes heart is expanding collateral arteries and there is NO additional plaque. The stent has not acquired any endothelial or smooth muscle cell proliferation, which is what causes restenosis of stents....My wife does not take Lippy; she's allergic to and cannot take Plavix, takes no blood thinners, does not take aspirin, and takes no fibrates. The prime problem with TG's as high as my wife's is pancreatitis. This has not occurred. She's had diabetes for over ten years now with no signs of diabetic neuropathy. Her blood pressure has fallen from an average of 165/110 to 106/62. Her heart is badly scarred and damaged and its ejection fraction, a measure of its efficiency, was only 47%. To pump enough blood, it beats at 110+ beats per minute. And she smokes. Her biggest problem is unstable angina, caused by the breakdown of the calcium caps on her preexisting plaque. These little pieces break free and get lodged in the small arteries of her heart....she'll get a slight pain or twinge now and then, but it clears up and is gone within a half hour. My wife is proof that plaque is reversible.
___I cannot say what I give my wife is good for everyone, and I can only say that a very close friend taking it has had a setback and possible heart attack. But he's only been on my wife's regimen a couple of months. I pray for him nightly. He is the second setback out of 18 on this regimen. My wife is the other one, because something caused her lipids to go back up. I don't know if it was the cortosone and antibiotics whe was taking for an inner ear infection. Her next lipd test is Oct. 7, after which I will know more.
___It all boils down to this: CVD appears to be a long slow road where the mechanism is not the lipid numbers alone; otherwise those with great numbers would not be affected. It appears that it is the result of lipid redidence time, lipid types, oxidation, free radicals, and blood glucose values. The lipid type determines how easily the lipids are oxidized, the residence time means the longer the lipid is in the blood, the more chance it has to be oxidized, and whether the free radicals generated by the body's functions are not neutralized due to the lack of the proper antioxidants, sequestrants, and dismutases. (The latter three are the vitamins and minerals.) Although the statins lower the blood lipid levels, I believe this is the least important fuction. Statins are strong antioxidants. Unfortunately, they have damaging side affects. As time goes on, I hope to get enough feedback to know if the regimen I give my wife is as much the miracle that I think it is...
At this point, I urge you to follow the diet that Alan (Arkie6) has listed. You have been proven to be prone to developing CVD. Even if your numbers don't go down, you will be placing much less oxidative stress on your body.... And I will pray that you will be healed,,
____________Be Blessed

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