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Re: Low HDL????
Jun 13, 2002
Wow... Over 20 good cholestoral! I have just been advised by my physician that my bad cholestoral is really "good" (low after 3 yrs lowering meds) however>> my so called "good cholestoral has dropped to 0.16 %.... Yes... Zero!!! Now according to your doc, i should excerise a couple hours a day and perhaps suck back 12 - 18 beer or a mickey per day!! (ha ha) on a more serious note: It is a significant risk factor for heart disease and i do take blood pressure meds as well. But with the extremely low level of the "good" stuff, i have now had to start taking meds to increase the good cholestoral. Rather ironic after 3 yrs of meds to reduce cholestoral and suffering severe dibility side effects (lipitor). You may wish to contact a vitaminn/natural herb place as there are some natural remedies to help increase it as well. Note: It sounds like you certainly get in excess of the "required exercise" time.... But don't ignore the warning... Just search for a more natural way to assist you! Good luck!!!


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