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I have been taking Niaspan for about 18 months. I started off with 250mg and worked up to 2000mg. For me there are virtually no side effects. The only time I notice flushing is if I have had more alcohol than I should and I happen to wake up in the middle of the night. Even then its not bad, just noticeable.

I've never taken any other lipid altering drug so I can't compare. But I would say Niaspan is worth giving a try especially if you've had problems with other drugs.

As for its effectiveness, that it subject to question. It seems to have raised my HDL which had been 27 and is at latest test 56. But LDL is up also 112 to 166. Trig and VLDL pretty much the same as ever. But then again I gained some weight and didn't eat so well during the holidays.

For me trying to figure all this out is like reading tea leaves.

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