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Re: The latest
Feb 24, 2002
TB..I think I posted hubby has been on every statin out there, and also Niaspan, and all gave him side effects, statins was severe aches and pains, Niaspan was bad flushing. He is also type 2 diabetic and has high BP, this condition was before statins so not blameing them for that.

Putting him on statins with a TC of 202 with other numbers ok to me was stupid, as I do believe a too low C isn't any better then a high one. I'm trying not to write a book here, but for 7 years he had pains and aches so bad the man was in constant pain, and the best he could do was work, eat and sleep. He was told it was arthristis, so lived with it. He also had to retire in 99 due to such terrible foot pain, as he drove a tractor trailor for the "Brown" company, and it was killing him to sit 10 to 13 hrs. a night. He was suppose to retire this year, not in 99.

After he retired is when we got a computer and I started surfing the net and came upon sites like this where I saw all these people with problems like his and began to ask questions, both here and at the drs. It wasn't until they shoved me on Lipitor and after 3 months I was in bed more then I was up, lost 13 lbs. in less then 2 weeks due to stomach pain and not being able to eat. After that it was test upon test until I got fed up and took it upon myself to stop the Lipitor, which after a month off of it started to actually feel human again.

About 3 months later I went to a new dr. who put me on Baycol, which didn't cause stomach problems, but made me feel like I had arthritis all over my body, it was an effort to go up and down a lousy flight of stairs. After 5 months of that I took myself off and once again felt fine, so both hubby and I decided it had to be the statins so we both stoped and feel fine, except for the normal old age pains and aches. Like he said, if he was not on Lipitor he probably would be still working and retireing with the group he started with like he should have. U know what the problem with the Welchol was, so not going to explain that.

Why I am not taking the Bios or anything else is because I just had a colonoscopy done last week, and have been through alot so I want my body to heal, as it has been a rough week. I got very dehydrated before the procedure, plus they removed 9 polyps, so waiting for the results. I really want an answer from my dr. as to why the nurse was so down on the Bios stuff, and I also intend to ask the GI man for some input on something more natural, as he knows what I have been through, and also hubby with the statins. We are on a fixed income here, so I am not about to toss money around like it grew on a tree outside my house. Right now hubby's cardiologist has him on Omega 3's and extra Folic Acid to see if he can get the trigs. down more. The Omega 3's brought them from over 400 to 300, which to us was pretty good, so we will see if the Folic acid helps more. Hopefully U have a decent idea why we are unwilling to take statins, as I can't explain it much more without writing a huge book. For those that can take them, like I said, God bless them, for us, NO THANX! JJ

P.S. Yes we have tried diet and exercise, hubby is not a smoker but I am, I know, bad bad, but I'm working on it. We also are not drinkers, over weight or fast food junkies, so go figure. JJ

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