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Hello, Thanks. My cholesterol was 239. After I went on a low fat/low cal. diet, I lost 5 lbs. which brought my weight back to the perfect weight for my height and bone structure, plus my cholesterol went down to 196. Now my cholesterol is 165 as long as I stay on my diet. My sister's cholesterol is 249. I don't know what her lipid count is and I have to look mine up. I'll be getting blood work done again next month.

As for her low carb. diet. I don't know anything about low carb. diets. She counts the amount of bread she eats so she doesn't have too many carbs. She's on low-carb., not no-carb.

One of the things that I noticed that didn't come out right was how my sister cooks. She uses the dry fry method. She puts the meat in the pan on low heat without any oil. She thinks this method is just as good as broiling, but I'm not sure if it really is. I thought that the juices from the meats need to drip off the meat, and you shouldn't let the meat cook in it's own juices. Am I right about that? Thank you.

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