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Hi all--it's been awhile since I visited the board but wanted to run these #s by you to see what you think:

July 2000
HDL- 56
TG-- 74

March 2001
HDL- 63
TG-- 83

I've been following a restricted carb diet for Ulcerative Colitis (no grains, potatoes, etc) and after the July blood test, took Alan's suggesting to further restrict carbs by eliminating honey, winter squash, bananas, etc., that my UC diet allows. However, about a month before getting my March lipid panel, I flared with UC and reintroduced bananas and applesauce in an effort to reduce the diarrhea. I'm wondering how much of an effect this might have had on my readings. I'm surprised at the rise in TGs, since I don't think I actually increased the carbs anymore than before the July 2000 test.

My ratios aren't great, but aren't bad; but what about these high readings overall?
Thanks for any input.

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