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Niaspan ?
Nov 9, 2010
Hi, I am 55 , female and have been on Zetia for a couple years now. My recent blood work shows :

HDL : 55
LDL : 159
Trig : 87
VLDL: 17
Total Cholesterol : 231

The total has gone up 4 pts. from last year and the LDL 7 pts . The dr .feels my body just makes more cholesterol and is now suggesting Niaspan with the Zetia.

He actually previous to this has pushed a statin but I was resistant to that. I do know quite a few people now who are on statins with no side effects yet I also know that is not the case with others of course.

Yet what I am reading about the Niaspan does not sound appealing either as far as the side effects. I do not tolerate supplements and meds well to begin with.

He wants to start me out at 500 mg of the Niaspan and then up it to 1,000 after a time.

He has said to take an aspirin ½ before the Niaspan before bedtime to perhaps minimize bad flushing. I have read though that hot beverages earlier in the evening, a hot bath or going in a hot tub or having alcohol all affects the severity of side effects. So I have questions about this and the ease of use due to that.

Also I have read it also can affect one’s liver. So I am totally confused and not knowing whether to take it or go with a statin after all.

Thank you for any input.


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