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Hi there, I am an Asian/Oriental male, age 43, 5'6", 148 pounds, 33 inch waist, blood pressure 120/80. Fasting blood sugar level at 50.

I was told that my cholesterol level were off the charts back in March 2010 during a medical check up. I have been working on reducing it for the past 9 months.

Below are my cholesterol numbers, taken every 3 months :

Date Apr-10 10-Jun-10 Sep-10 Dec-10
Total Cholesterol (mg/dl) 312.7 281.8 297.3 254.8
HDL 50.2 45.6 49.0 52.1
LDL 208.5 189.2 177.6 169.9
Triglycerides 274.4 235.5 352.3 159.4
Total Cholesterol/HDL 6.2 6.2 6.1 4.9

Total cholesterol is down 18.5% from April. Triglyceride is down 41.9% since the start of program.

Some background :

1. I was put on Atorvastatin, 10mgs for 1 month but decided not to continue and go on the natural way of reducing these numbers.

2. Managed to slot in one 35 min exercise per week, due to my hectic work schedule. Been running 4 km every session, max pulse rate 150-155, trying to keep at 142 as the target.

3. The test in Jun showed a very high triglyceride level and doctor has advised be to stay off carbs, have my dinner earlier and no supper.

3. Started taking lecithin 3 months ago, triglycerides is now down by 54% from June level. Been avoiding red meat, doing more fish and chicken + at least 1 salad meal per week. No fried stuff.

4. Been taking omega 3,6,9 gels 1,000mg every night for the past 6 months but the HDL isn't improving much.

4. My target is for the next 6 months

Total Cholesterol : 200
HDL : 60
LDL : 130
Triglyceride : 160

My questions :

1. Has anyone ever hit HDL of more than 60 mmol/l? What's the secret?
2. Any other form of exercise other than running that is effective in reducing LDL?

Appreciate feedback and advice on how I can further improve my program. (Besides increasing the freqeuncy of exercise .... )

[QUOTE=gc68;4650973]1. Has anyone ever hit HDL of more than 60 mmol/l? What's the secret? [/QUOTE]

You mean >60mg/dl?

Yes, it is certainly possible (76mg/dl here, no drugs or supplements). Exercise is usually the most effective non-drug/supplement way of raising HDL. Also, avoid trans-fats from hydrogenated oils. Loss of body fat can help.

[QUOTE=gc68;4650973]2. Any other form of exercise other than running that is effective in reducing LDL? [/QUOTE]

To the extent that exercise can help reduce body fat, it can help lower LDL, although exercise more directly helps raise HDL. Consider adding some strength exercises (e.g. pushups, pullups, dips, squats, etc.) to build muscle, which will increase your metabolism, which will help lose body fat and keep it off.

Your waistline of 33" is just at the half your height borderline if your height is 66". Be sure it is measured at the navel, not your trouser label, since some people have "overhang" over their trouser waistline. Some additional reduction in body fat is likely to help (athletes are often lower, down to perhaps 42% of height).

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