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TJ & Jen

Red Yeast Rice that is sold in the USA (and only in the USA) no longer contains the compound Monacolin 'K', from which the drug Lovastatin was derived from.
So TJ, you are incorrect in your assumption of RYR's contents, as currently sold in the US.

It is 'advised' that consumers of RYR also consume COq10, as some forms of RYR with a mixture of two or more monacolins may produce Coq10 deficiency in certain individuals due to it's effect on the liver.

However, and I must stress hundreds of controlled studies using the original Monascus Purpureus strain of RYR which did contain Monacolin 'K', the side effects of Coq10 deficiency from taking RYR in comparison to statin drugs to obtain comparable lipid results has to date not proven to produce the same degree of adverse side effects on the human body. Studies outside of the USA are still currently in term and do use many monacolins, which include 'K'.

As I always keep saying, everyone is different, so it is always wise to air on the side of caution.


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