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Hello Friends!

Here are my numbers - please comment if you know what's good, bad, too high, how high, etc. Thank you so very very much! I'm a bit confused.

HDL = 57

LDL= 183

VLDL = 51 (what the heck is "V" LDL)?

Total Cholesterol = 291

Triglycerides = 253
Hi cindylou..Your numbers are a bit high. TC should be between 125-200...LDL should be below 130....Trigs should be below 150. Your HDL, which is your good cholesterol is pretty good. Of course if you have any other problems like heart disease..diabetis and high blood pressure, the Drs. like the numbers even lower. According to the list I have they want the total ratio about 3.5 or lower and they consider anything above 5 unsafe.

VLDL is.....Very-low-density lipoprotein. Usually they like it about 25-30. To calculate it you take your Trigs. and divide it by 5. Your's at 253 divided by 5 is 50.6 or really 51. To get your take your TC and divide it by your HDL same thing with your LDL and Trigs. So your TC is 291 divided by 57=5 and your LDL is 183 divided by 57=3.2 your Trigs. at 253 divided by 57=4.4. How they get the total ratio I'm not sure. I'm sure there are others here that can give you more input.

Sorry, just looked it up and your total ratio is your TC divided by your HDL, so your ratio is 5..fairly high.

I just had my Lipid profile done last week so have the reference range in front of me. I know...CHEATER.....:D

Is this your first lipid profile or have you had others? If so, where they better or worse and has the Dr. made any suggestions as to what to do? Most want to put you on statins, but I personally can't tolerate them so I just keep my numbers lower with diet and exercise.

Hope this helped, and good luck....JJ.....:wave:

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