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I have high cholesterol you know? I just found out my testosterone is low, and on top of everything I have anxiety which I hear even raises cholesterol

It seems like a sure fire way to early death as all of these are risk factors for heart disease, I'm only 21 and I used to be incredibly active and lift weights a lot and very outgoing and happy but then anxiety hit me and now I'm a major hypochondriac who feels death is around the corner all the time

I love my life so much, I couldn't ask for a better life, but I get sad thinking it's all going to be cut short:(

Is there ANYYYTTHIINNGG anyone can say that will comfort my burden heart? That maybe stress is a risk factor but it takes a loonnngg time to do damege or something? or that high cholesterol isen't really a risk factor? which I heard many many times

and you know what's funny, before when I was lifting weights I was gaining muscle pretty easily, but then I got freaked out by my cholesterol readings and started to cut out most if not all saturated fat, that is probably why my testosterone is low plus the stress from anxiety

anyways yea guys, please help me, comfort me somehow I really need it:(

ps, I posted this on the high cholesterol forum too, I just wasen't sure where to put this
I believe my cholesterol was fine when I had a diet that was just pretty regular but excluded red meats, lots of chicken though, and I was exercising intensely like almost everyday, then I got on a quest to bulk up because I wanted to be bigger so I ate EVERYTTHING in sight potato chips, red meat, hot dogs, even fried stuff, so yea then it shot back up, I had high cholesterol as a teen too but at that time my diet was the worst ever and I did not exercise at all, I am going to get blood work done this coming monday but the whole anxiety raising cholesterol thing just worries me:( because honestly I've done plenty of things right to lower it but it seems like my anxiety counter-acted everything

whats the likelihood of me actually dying? I have absolutely no family history, not even high cholesterol, except my dad but he has it because he has diabetes , my mom is in her 50s and never had any health problems, my grandpa is almost 80 and never had anything at all, basically all my uncles and aunts as well have no health issue whatsoever, this comforts me but I'm still scared guys:(

What are your actual figures. Total Cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides, and is the HDL of 57 correct?

These will help us to determine your ratios' etc.

Don't worry, your not going to die from high cholesterol induced problems just yet.

I'm sorry, I dont have the results with me, but I know my trigs were pretty high and my ratio was a 5.0, but things to consider is before that test I wasn't fasting, in fact I just got done eating a burger from a fast food restaurant, I am hoping that can construe with the trig results:( the total cholesterol was close to 280 I think and it's weird because I'm slim and fit too
I was going to ask if you had all your numbers as well, but see you have posted as having high Trigs. and you weren't fasting. You definately need to fast for at least 8 hrs. before a lipid panel is done. Yes, even very slim people can have high cholesterol. Unless your numbers are totally off the wall, I doubt your going to die from it, so please relax.

I seriously think you need to talk with your Dr. and get your anxiety under control, as that will cause more problems then your cholesterol numbers. Also try getting back on your "good" diet and maybe get a small doseage of something to get you through this anxiety problem.

Let us know how your numbers are now and try keeping calm...JJ...:wave:
Thank you so much JJ, the vLDL are the bad ones that actually do damage right? Despite all this, my doctor told me it takes a really long time for any kind of cholesterol related plaque to build up, is that true as well? I've also handled my anxiety and practiced a lot of stress reduction and now I feel like on a dopamine high all the time, maybe cause I incorporated dark chocolate into my diet now though who knows

regardless, thank you guys so much for helping me ease my mind, you are good people

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