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High cholesterol runs in the family, however, neither parent has heart disease. I get my cholesterol checked quite frequently and my most recent test results are:

total chol: 220
HDL: 52
LDL: 147

6 months ago:
total chol: 234
HDL: 62
LDL: 153

I am 38 yo, active cyclist, runner, go to gym frequently. 6'2", 155lbs. I'm a bit confused on my chol/HDL ratio. For years my HDL has always been around 60-65. Over the last 6 years my total chol has steadily increased from 219 to 234, so naturally I want to try and improve this. About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with some acid reflux, no doubt due to stress, anxiety and lots of chocolate and other sweet treats I like to eat. I cut out lots of deserts, caffeine, alcohol and started taking fish oil caps. Flash forward to my most recent blood results. In three months I was able to lower my chol. 14 points and LDL was lowered 6 points. That is the 1st time in years where I've reversed an ever increasing trend in my cholesterol. I was quite happy with those results and figured I would maintain my current diet and keep taking the fish caps in hopes of lowering even more.

Despite the lower #'s my doc wants to put me on 10mg of zocor. I hate taking meds and after doing a bit of research and realizing the side effects, but most noticeable a potential relationship to ALS. That is crazy and even if it's not linked, the muscle pains and debilitating pain that people report sound ridiculous.

So my question is about the chol/HDL ratio, which is 4.23. 6 months ago it was 3.77. So despite my lower overall chol, my HDL has gone done, thereby increasing my ratio. I know <5 is desirable, but it's going in the wrong direction. Why would my total HDL go down when I read fish oil actually raises it? Could it be because I cut a lot of alcohol out of my diet, which I understand can raise HDL? I don't think I am going to take the Zocor based on what I read and think I can still lower my #'s by diet and exercise. My doc didn't even ask or suggest modifying my diet, but just jumped to prescribing the Rx. I know my LDL is borderline high, but it is going down. Thoughts?

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