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Hi all,

I would like to start out with some numbers for my cholesterol, etc.

Jan 17/11:

Cholesterol: 218
Triglycerides: 120
HDL: 34
LDL: 160
Chol/HDL Ratio: 6.4

May 17/11:

Cholesterol: 150
Triglycerides: 103
HDL: 33
LDL: 97
CHol/HDL Ratio: 4.6

Except for my HDL (which always has been low), all the numbers improved, some quite a lot. I had gone on a low dosage of Crestor (5 mg) as well as taking a good fish oil and Vitamin C.

Previous to this, my doctor had put me on a higher dosage of Crestor, but I suffered with muscle pain and so we stopped it. This lower dose seems to be doing the job and I have been on this for about 3 months now.

My problem is this. I have had a lower back problem for years and have been seeing a chiropractor for it and earlier this year it was getting much better. However, since taking Crestor, even at the lower dosage, I seem to have a constant muscle pain in my lower back, not in the spine, just the muscles, and it sometimes goes into my upper legs a bit.

I am wondering if even this low dosage would affect my back muscles in this way. I don't see my doctor until August, and meanwhile I will be having another blood test before seeing him. My CK level in January was 32 and in May was 40 (well within the range of 30-200). Or, it could be simply my back.

I think I will still stay on this low dosage of Crestor as my CK is good and the pain isn't bad.

What do you think of my numbers and my question? I know my HDL is low, but that's always been a chronically low number for me. I'm exercising as well but it doesn;t seem to want to move up.

Thanks so much!

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