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Just had my annual blood work done. Total cholesterol 325, HDL 40, LDL 223, Triglicerides 311, HDL Ratio 8.1. My doctor says that since my HDL is good he's not concerned about the other numbers. They seem to me to be way too high. I do go to the gym 3 times a week & do elliptical & stationary bike (30 mins). I am 70 yrs old. Any thoughts??
I agree with JJ. You can lower your triglycerides by cutting down on the carbs. Be careful with sweets, too many fruits, (especially juices) breads and pastas. Stick with low glycemic foods. Take an Omega 3 fish oil supplement to raise your HDL (40 is good, but could be better) and lean proteins. Raising that will lower your ratio.

I would stay away from Red Yeast Rice. It can cause the same issues as some statins. The older we get, the more we actually need cholesterol to stay well. Listen to your doctor in this case! It seems you actually have a good, sensible one! Take care :)

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