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Just got results after fasting:

tc 252

tri 168

hdl 52

vldl 34 (Don't know what this means.)

ldl 166

47 yrs old 5 11 212lbs 36" waist. high blood pressure under control with meds.

Dr has been wanting me to get on meds for a couple of years for this but I'm afraid of Staten's. I just started taking fish oils and flax seed oils (was aleady taking one pill per day) just up ed it to four per day also started taking non flush niacin one per day. The non flush is just because it was what I found at the store when I was there. I'm open to the flush version if it is a better option. Just started juicing vegetables about 3 weeks ago. This really sucks because I have been very faithful to my cardio workouts for 17 years 4 times per week. I don't eat MUCH fast food mostly home cooked lean food (awesome wife!). I wish I could eat several small meals per day but I tend to eat less often and large meals. I've been reading posts and may look into red yeast rice is that a food or a supplement? I will get another blood workup in 2 months. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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