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Hi all,

Really enjoy this forum, very informative.

In May, had my lipid blood test done:

Total Cholesterol - 259
Triglycerides - 187
HDL - 42
LDL 188

Dr thought about putting me on drugs but said to try and fix it naturally first. I'm on Norvasc 5mg as of May, BP steady at 115/75 or lower.

Thus I cut out most fatty foods and increase my cardio exercise. Through this I lost about 10 lbs, not that I was overweight 5'8 168lbs, now about 155lbs.

I took supplements daily of:
2 x 1000mg fish oil
1 x CoEnz Q10 100mg
4 x Dr Murray's Cholesterol Formula, with Sytrinol (2 morning, 2 night)

New results as of Sept 2:

Total Cholesterol - 187
Triglycerides - 141
HDL - 37
LDL - 123

Definite improvement but now concern about low HDL. I'm thinking of stopping the Dr Murray's formula, I read somewhere plant sterols can affect absorption of HDL as well??

Instead strictly use Sytrinol, add Policosanol and non-flush Niacin (yup, have read on on the debate if it works or not) to try and bump up my HDL.

Thoughts, thanks in advance.

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