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Okay, an update, as 3 months has passed since I bump my fish oil and switch to RYR.

My previous results:

May 22, 2011

Total Cholesterol - 259
Triglycerides - 187
HDL - 42
LDL 188

Started daily supplements of:
2 x 1000mg fish oil
1 x CoEnz Q10 100mg
4 x Dr Murray's Cholesterol Formula, with Sytrinol (2 morning, 2 night)

Sept 2, 2011

Total Cholesterol - 187
Triglycerides - 141
HDL - 37
LDL - 123

Change my supplements as of Sept:
3 x 1000mg fish oil
1 x CoEnz Q10 100mg
1 x Nature's Plus RYR nightly

Dec 13, 2011

Total Cholesterol - 135
Triglycerides - 120
HDL - 39
LDL - 70

I did not change my diet much, I would say it's a little worse than before, meaning a bit more deep fried foods. Exercise wise, I've increased it somewhat as my 5th metatarsal foot fracture I suffered in Mar 2011 has fully healed so I can jog again.

I am really happy about my LDL as it dropped significantly, gotta say RYR is great!! HDL bumped up a bit so I'm happy too as I expected to drop a bit with my increase in Omega 3s. Trig, it's lower but I expected better as I increased my Omega 3 dose, was hoping to lower it to 100 or so, maybe it's the grease I'm still consuming... maybe I need to bump up the fish oil still??

All in all, I'm happy. Thanks all for your insight in my original post.

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