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I believe that a high HDL is partly determined by genetics, but that diet can also have a significant influence. Considering the numbers that you provided, I see no reason why you should need to do anything different. Forget about the total cholesterol number. When you take into account your LDL, HDL, and triglyceride numbers, the total number becomes irrelevant, because your ratios are all very favorable. Furthermore, I would bet that if they would give you a breakdown of your LDL, they would find that you are Pattern A, which are mostly large, buoyant particles, which tend to be mostly benign, and not likely to deposit as plaque. Pattern A LDL is most consistently seen in people who have high HDL and low triglycerides, which is what you have. Pattern B LDL is most harmful, since it consists primarily of small, dense particles, which are more prone to oxidation, and can most easily deposit as plaque. People who have a combination of low HDL and high triglycerides are more likely to exhibit a Pattern B profile. I hope this information is helpful, and is of some consolation to you. :wave:

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