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Re: My numbers
Sep 13, 2011
I just had my cholesterol tested here recently because both my father and grandmother on his side has high cholesterol above 300 without medicine. I am only 28 and have high cholesterol. My numbers are close to yours and the nurse giving me my results didn't seem too alarmed and said they weren't that bad. She told me to try diet and exercise first and come back in 3 months to re-test, but I have a feeling since this is probably genetic I'll end up having to be on statins too.

My numbers are: Total: 276
LDL: 198
Triglycerides: 111
VLDL: 22

So very close to yours. I had been exercising regularly only for a 1.5-2 months prior to getting the blood test. These next three months I plan on cutting out all red meat except for rare occasion and try not to eat fried foods. The best would be to follow a low carb and low saturated fat Mediterranean diet.

I've been researching statins a lot lately. It seems several really do have a benefit in reducing cardiac events and heart disease through reducing inflammation in the arteries and reducing cholesterol.

Given exercise doesn't reduce my LDL much and it remains close to your numbers, our options are limited. We need a larger percentage reduction in LDL so we need a stronger Statin. Depending on your insurance and expenses it may determine which one of these to take. I narrowed these down to least side-effects and most benefits in studies. My top two choices would be 1. Crestor and 2. Livalo and after that 3. Lipitor.

Why? Crestor can achieve big reductions in LDL at small doses.. 30-40% reduction in LDL with only a 5mg dose. It also boosts HDL probably the most of the current statins. Another reason I picked it was because it is a Hydrophilic statin and is not fat soluble so it does not cross the blood-brain barrier as easily and cause CNS side effects. Zocor, Lipitor, and Lovastatin are Lipophilic(fat soluble) and easily cross the blood-brain barrier and more easily penetrate muscle tissue. This can potentially cause more issues.

Livalo is brand new and has a high cost, but has had good feed back. It is even more potent and requires only like 2mg per dose. It is also metabolized a different way and doesn't interfere with medications as easily. BTW Crestor is also metabolized slightly different than most other statins and won't interfere quite as much as other statins with other medications.

Benefit lipitor has is it's about to go generic late 2011 when the patent runs out then. It is also very potent at lower dosages(10mg gives about a 30-40% reduction in LDL). The lower the dose you can be on generally means a less likelihood of side effects.

A must for all statin users is to take a CoQ10 supplement when taking a statin. Statins are known to reduce CoQ10 in the body and may be a reason for some of the statin induced side effects like muscle pain and or weakness.

I also recently saw another study that showed taking Creatine while on a statin in people that had trouble tolerating statins, allowed i believe 8 out of 10 users to stay on the statin without muscle issues.

P.S. Great Blood Pressure btw..wish mine was that low..This should help put you at a slightly lower risk too.

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