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Hi nygirl011591,

You are very young and at the time in life where a change to your life style will see you good for the rest of your life.

Your LDL is slightly elevated but you have a super high HDL level which places your TC/HDL and LDL/HDL ratio levels sitting nicely in the low category risk area for CHD.

However, your triglyceride level of 552 leaves an awful lot to be desired.

The most important ratio number on a lipid panel is the Trigs/HDL. (Divide trigs by the HDL.) If this is less than 2, it suggests that you have mostly large, buoyant LDL – which is not a risk factor for heart disease. However, if that number is higher than 3, it suggests you have mostly small, dense LDL. – Most certainly is a risk factor for heart disease.

Your Trigs/HDL ratio is currently: 6.49 which is Ummm....very high.

Carbs contribute to CHD in three ways: They increase triglycerides, small dense LDL and decreases HDL.

Stay well away from trans-fats and if you aren't already using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then do so for frying and on salads etc.

A dosage of 1-1.5gm of EPA/DHA fish oil (on a 2:1 ratio. ie: 666 mgs EPA and 333mgs DHA) will certainly reduce your Trigs.


With your TC/HDL and LDL/HDL ratios being good, you do not require Statin drugs.

In addition to the above, read up on other natural ways to reduce triglyceride levels, place yourself on a strict routine of adhering to your chosen choice and your ratios will become very favourable.


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