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About 15yrs ago, I first tested and found high Cholest & Trigly. By adjusting my diet, with moderate exercise, my Cholesterol came to border line (190 - 216).

I am in late 40s, male, vegetarian and take 3000mg fish oil increased from 1200mg (stopped Salmon after the Japan earthquake). I am 5' 7" and about 150lb. No dairy stuff other than cream for tea, ice cream. Take olive oil, Margarine from Trader Joes. I also am taking 4 cubes of diced Garlic with one meal (would allicin or Allimax still helpful?). No soda or alcohol or smoking. Social wine drinker.

I am now on 1500mg of Niaspan (prescription), taken one time in the night.

It has brought it down from around 800 to in the range of 200 to 350 (triglyceride has been as high as 1600 - trust me, this is correct). I have been doing regular blood draw since 5 yrs ago and have a chart with all these numbers, updated regularly.

Previously, I have taken herbal capsules with results similar to that of Niaspan, slightly inferior. But these capsules were once unavailable and I stopped it. Later, I tried it but didn't work so went to Niacin and then to Niaspan.

Problem is also, that my HDL is only about 30-35 (With high Trigly, it had peaked to 48 - when Trigly came down, it settled on about 30). Currently I am on Elliptical for 30mins, 2 times/wk and another 20 minutes on weight machines (not free machines). I could do step machine but I am doing it. Since increasing my fish oil, I haven't had a blood draw.

My father (at 70s) and older brother (at 50s) had by pass surgery, overseas. They prob did little or no exercise.

1) I am seeking any other alternatives? Inositol Hexaniacinate? or Jogging for how long/occasion/week? What target (physical) weight?

2) What are some practical examples for
- wheat free/gluten free diet
- low (?) glycemic index diet

3) Heard about Chelation therapy. Not sure if there is a reputed place to go for as a preventive measure? I am in California.

Look forward to your wise thoughts and experience. Thanks

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