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[QUOTE=daveusmc;4869249]Thanks, Jen,
I was on COq10 [Ubiquinol, a Vitamin Shoppe brand] and saw no diff. in my bw or the way I felt; very costly as well, so I stopped taking it. I was on 100, then 200 mg/day.

[COLOR="Blue"]I doubt you would feel any difference taking COQ10 but it still is vitally important. Starting in our 40's, we start to lose the ability to sustain the production of it. Also, if you take RYR this will deplete it as well [/COLOR]

What is K2 and D-3? Come down a notch for me , please? I'm going to guess these are vitamins? I researched Krill oil, but I see it lacks the EPA/DHA fish oils have. They're both antioxidents, aren't oil/krill oil?

[COLOR="Blue"]You indicated in a previous post that you had started taking vitamin D-3. This is good! Vitamin K-2 helps the D go where it is supposed to go and is often recommended as an adjunct for heart health.
Re: EPA/DHA, Krill [I]does[/I] contain these.[/COLOR]

I bought some Magnesium along with B-6 today, and am upping my intake on the fish oils..EPA-over 600 and DHA over 250 and NOT overdoing it! Doctor today said ''good on the fish oils...keep taking them'' as I'm off any chol. lowering meds for 2 months and more bw to follow. I assume u have heart disease, Jen? Cad? Stented? Just wondering.....

[COLOR="Blue"]No, no heart disease, but it's been major in my family line. This genetic component is why my cholesterol [I]was[/I] high at one point. [/COLOR]

So, I really got no input on my Garlic question to all...what's ur opinion on it? Raw, cooked or in oil?

[COLOR="Blue"]I haven't heard this is greatly effective for cholesterol lowering but that doesn't mean that it isn't. Maybe someone else will chime in. [/COLOR]

Thanks for your support. I hope I'm heading in the right direction. Oh, in ur opinion, what's the tradeoff between fish oils being ''lower in antioxidents'' vs. Krill Oils being way lower in EPA/DHA? What's more important to YOU?

[COLOR="Blue"]The Omega fish oils are good products but I think I outlined why I think Krill better. It really comes down to your own preference.That you're taking [I]something[/I]in the fish realm is probably what matters most.


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