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Hi everyone! This is my first post - thanks for reading!

I have been getting my cholesterol tested (with reflex LDL) every six months since my LDL passed into the high range (over 160, according to the test they use). I just got some VERY GOOD news this time around in that my LDL dropped from 163 to 125! I have been vegetarian for the last 3 months and I suspect this is what has helped me lower that number (because I cut my saturated fat intake drastically and also stopped eating bad stuff that would go with meat, like french fries). HOWEVER, my triglycerides jumped from 86 to 163. Because that triglyceride number is almost exactly what my LDL usually is, I'm worried that someone flubbed the numbers in the lab. Take a look at my last two test numbers to see what I mean:

May, 2011:

Total: 208
Triglycerides: 86
LDL: 155
HDL: 36

November, 2011:

Total: 194
Triglycerides: 163
LDL: 125
HDL: 36

I wish I knew if the Cholesterol tests with Reflex Measured LDL results were decided by computer or by human counting and entering.

Any input on these changes would be great - I'm trying to decide if I should ask them to retest.

Thanks so much! :D

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