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My name is jamie age 30, bp 115/73

I have just had a cholestorol test done and was prescribed statin 20mg. After reading on this forum the horrible side effects I want to try the RyR and C0q10.

This is more diffucult than it sounds as I further read that some brands contain a certain posion aswell and some dont contain any of the good stuff some thing to do with the FDA(does this effect uk pills also?).I would like a recmomndation of what and where to get many thanks.

Here are my numbers,
serum 7.0
hdl 0.89
hdl ratio 7.9
try 3.0
ldl 4.7

I am very confused about these as everone elses are done in the 100's is that the american way? if so can someone who understands the uk way please explain it to me .

Many thanks for reading and i lookf forward to your replies

thank u

P.s any tips are welcome but i think ill try RvR first:-)

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