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I am 31 years old male have heart disease in the family. My father had open heart surgery at the age of 36 and passed away at the age of 56. About 5 years ago I went and got a echo stress test and the doctor said everything looked pretty good at the time my BP was elevated to 140/90 but it came down to normal levels since then. It was due to anxiety.

I just had my cholesteral checked in august and here are my numbers. Total cholesteral is 195. Bad cholesteral 127. The doctor also said my vitiman D was low at 25.4. He advised me to start 1000 MG of fish oil and over the counter vitiman D1000IU. I've been doing that along with my daily multi vitiman.

The year before I had my cholesteral checked at the total was 215 and my ldl was 149 at the time so it did go down.

I just want to get some advice on how these numbers look and if I need to work on getting them down more and whats the best way to approach.
The Blood work that I just had in august I was just provided with my total cholesteral and LDL. Like I said the LDL was 127 & the total cholesteral was 195.

The Bloodwork that I had in May of 2010 I can give you all the numbers. HDL was 52, LDL was, 149 and Triglycerides were 71.

The LDL & toal went down it looks like, not sure if you can help with this information

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