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Note sure what forum to post this in, as it relates to Lipitor, muscle weakness, panic attacks, and anxiety.

I am 33 years old, and have been told by my doctor that I have genetically high cholesterol, despite running regularly and eating well. Here are my current numbers:

HDL 36

My doctor prescribed 40/mg Lipitor once per day (a high dosage). So, I took the Lipitor for the first time; I only took 1 dosage. The next day, I wake up and feel fatigued. However, I run 3 miles, as was my routine. After running, I come home feeling more exhausted than I've ever felt, and collapse on the bed. I experience extreme and unusual muscle weakness. I read the Lipitor pamphelet, and it says if these symptoms occur, contact my doctor immediately. However, it is the weekend, and my doctor isn't around.

I begin reading about Lipitor side-effects on the Internet, and become terribly frightened, thinking I have rhabdomyolysis, MS, or ALS.

Over the course of this weekend, I suffer 2 panic attacks, and 2 trips to the emergency room. Each time, I was dismissed from the ER with a clean bill of health, and told to immediately discontinue the Lipitor. Finally, on Monday I see my doctor, and he says I am having panic attacks, but I most definitely do not have rhabdomyolysis, MS, or ALS. He prescribes anti-anxiety drug Celexa, which I have not yet taken.

Two weeks go by. I am still experiencing what I perceive as muscle fatigue and shakiness in my arms and legs. And I still have anxiety that the Lipitor triggered some kind of neuro-muscular disease, like MS, ALS, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Or perhaps the Lipitor altered my body chemistry in some way, that is still causing weakness.

Essentially, I am STILL experiencing muscle weakness, pins & needles, shakiness, and anxiety 2 weeks after taking the Lipitor.

I have a new job starting in 1 week, and am very worried the anxiety and muscle weakness will intefere with my ability to earn a living. My doctor has already written me off as an anxiety-case (although several of my blood test results were slightly abnormal, but "nothing to worry about").

What should I do? Should I see a Psychiatrist? A neurologist? Is it possible to cause long-term muscle weakness, fatigue, pins & needles, and shakiness, from just 1 dosage of 40/mg Lipitor? I know I sound crazy, but this has drastically affected my life, and interfering with my ability to function.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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