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Thank you, Yack.

Today I was disappointed after seeing both my primary care provider and my gynecologist. I saw my PCP to tell her about the unpleasant gastric side effects of Lipitor, to let her know about my concerns regarding statins in general, and to ask her if in spite of my overall high cholesterol wouldn’t the fact that my lipid ratios influence the need to take statins.

She was sympathetic but encouraged me to take a short break to let my stomach recover and then try another statin. She prescribed Crestor and I told her I would think about it.

My next stop was an annual visit to my gynecologist who is very thoughtful and pragmatic when discussing “quality of life” versus risk issues and is supportive about a patient’s right to make their own educated choices about what goes into their bodies. I was really hoping that she would back me up and consider my very high HDL and good ratios sufficient reason to avoid statins and I was dismayed when she suggested that I should continue to work with my PCP to find a medication that I can tolerate to bring the numbers down.

At first I thought I would try Crestor thinking that if it gave me the same gastric problems as Zocor and Lipitor I would just discontinue it. But after I got home and did some research on Crestor and saw the additional problems it can cause, I decided against it.

So I’m thinking of trying is the red yeast rice regimen that I’ve seen described in several other posts. Below is the combination that I found in an earlier message, and if you think this is a good recipe, I would appreciate any recommendation as to brand of COQ10 and fish oil if it matters.

1 x 600mg Natures Plus extended release RYR (Test after three months/increase to two daily if necessary)

1 x 100mg COQ10 (any particular brand recommended ?)

600 mg EPA/400mg DHA fish oil (does brand matter ?)


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