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Oh I thought the numbers weren't that high. On the scale I saw it said that bad cholesterol is 220 or something for it to be really bad. And my low numbers for my good were only 3 below 40 so I figured 3 numbers wasn't a problem is it really worse then I thought?

I dont know how to check ratio or what it even means to honest. I'm 5,9 142lbs last time I checked. I eat mostly quick fixes like Mary Calendars and drink Orange Juice everyday and I also buy 2 containers of Kippered Herring every time I go to the store. I drink tea alot mainly cause my fiance is a teaAholic and I limit myself 2 cups of coffee a day. 3 if I drink 1 late in the evening and that's it.

We have been going out to eat a lot lately but I don't eat much I never order or stack my plate with more then I can eat. I usually eat Grilled Chicken and I don't fry a lot if any foods but eggs and I use Olive Oil when I cook anything.

I admit I'm not very active for my age but 3 hernias and possible dislocated disk in my back with a heart that beats too fast if I do anything too Strenuous ,I can't really do a whole lot without causing severe pain for myself. Anything heavier than 50 lbs and I'm ready for the Hospital. I still try to lift though in moderation. I have to keep my strength up due to the jobs I usually end up with. Mostly Industrial.

My main thing is I know that if I go lowfat I'm gonna loose a ton of weight and probably get depressed like some on a low fat diet. lol Just the thought Of me not eating what I want to makes me not want to do a diet. I'm trying though I got some of the Healthy choice meatloaf meals last night and lots of Juice Orange,Apple and Cranberry.

Thats another issue as well I have a low blood sugar issue that tends to pop up now and then. The last time I exercised I did a set of 25 pushups then waited a few, did another set,went to do some situps. I got so sick I had to stop. I felt like I was going to die. I was sick from 7am that morning until 2am the next day.

I told my doctor and he said that even with Motion sickness that was not normal. Though people get sick when they first start exercising when they aren't used to it,he said I wouldn't have been sick that long. I got so dizzy I couldn't eat. I could barley drink and My fiance thought I might have to go to the Hospital. I stayed in bed the rest the night and she propped my feet up to try to get my blood pressure back up.

I'm seriously worried to be honest. He doesn't know whats causing my chest pain,I can barely get any exercise. I'm on a pill every night for my hearts Bpm and they want to put me on another med if I don't shape up in 6 months. I feel like in the past year My body turned 50 or something. What happened to happy youth? LOL

Thanks for your reply Jane. I have no idea what Flax seeds are other then seeds lol sounds like something...I probably would not eat...But My fiance will force on me no doubt she always gets dried fruit and nuts that are healthy and makes me eat them. hehe.

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